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The presented Concept ArtSynergism offers a unique creative millew that gives each artist's individual gifts a new dimension, a new way to expand into something greater than just their own individual "selves". It embraces artists who have a desire to create together, artistic talents & gifts, and of course - necessary skills to collaborte on a Project allowing each artist's creativity to flow in accord with another artist's creativity, while working on the same canvas.

The presented two very distinct artists - Helen Kagan and Garsot - are collaborating on their first unique Art Project "Muses & Music" . Both of them are very positively inclined in their art expression. Garsot creates his art that he defines as "Positive Surrealism". Helen creates her healing art that she calls "Healing Arts by Helen Kagan".


To see more individual art by GARSOT -> click on his Portfolio on this website, or check his own site

To see more individual art by  HELEN -> click on her  Portfolio on this website, or check her own site

Healing ARTS by Helen Kagan. Third Eye. My Universe. Series Healing Chakras

Helen Kagan. "Third Eye". Collection "Healing Chakras" (48"x48") in Interior.

Garsot.  "Endless Hope" (48"x60") in Interior.

"Endless Hope". Garsot Art in Interior.jpg
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