"Muses and Music" - is the first Series created by Helen Kagan & Garsot, with the Greek Mythology in mind... 

This beautiful Series consists of 10 large square paintings (48"x48" ea), one for each of 9 Muses, and 10th  - for the Mother of all Muses (Mnemosyne). This unique collaboration Series is bright, colorful, light, complex, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, enigmatic, spiritual, healing, and... just beautiful!


We hope you too, will find yourself gently guided to immerse into, relax and enjoy an embracing warmth, sparkling brilliance, powerful soulful experience and the healing vibrations of "Muses and Music"- a new unique ArtSynergism Series created by Helen Kagan  and   Garsot.

Click on any image in a grid to enlarge it. You can read detailed

description for each of the artworks in a slideshow below.

Click on a small "arrow" on the bottom to see each Muse.

Click on "pause" to read description for each of the artworks.

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POLYHYMNIA. Unique Fine & Decorative

Series "Muses and Music". 2016 Acrylic on canvas 48"x48" Polyhymnia was the serious, eloquent Muse who was the patron of religious hymns, prayer and sacred dance. Her symbol is a veil which implies the traits of a virgin priestess. She is also associated with meditation and this is reflected by depictions of her being in deep thought.

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