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ArtSynergism by Garsot & Helen Kagan | Unique Fine & Decorative Art
ArtSynergism by Garsot & Helen Kagan | Unique Fine & Decorative Art

    Helen Kagan  &   Garsot    -   we  create  art  together !

The presented collaboration of two pronounced artists, Helen Kagan, PhD [HelenKagan HealingArts]  and a legendary Sotirios Gardiakos [Garsot] - is much more than just two artists working together.  This unique concept © ArtSynergism, was originated by Garsot & Helen Kagan in 2015, and has been  in a process of on-going creative development since.

This unique collaboration allows each artist's own gifts a new dimension, a new way to expand into something greater than just their own individual creative "selves".

The definition of Synergism – is that "the result of interaction of 2 [people, entities, agents] is GREATER than the sum of its parts".


Kagan  and Garsot  create their unique Series by painting together, simultaneously, on the same canvas, without defined parameters or tasks, freely flowing, integrating their individual techniques, art forms, styles, intertwining, embracing and enhancing each other's spontaneous colors and movement. Yet... always present in this process, there's that completely authentic organic holistic Oneness with the Creator, Universe, Source - allowing them to just become "channels" for this amazing spontaneity and synchronicity, and to deliver this colorful yummy powerful soulful healing experience to a viewer.

​The very first Series of Kagan & Garsot collaboration - "Muses and Music" , consists of 10 large square paintings (48"x48" each), one for each of 9 Muses, and the 10th - for Mother of all Muses (Mnemosyne). This new Series is bright, light, complex, spiritual, enigmatic, and just beautiful!  Everything in this Collection - bright colors, energetically balanced composition, ancient theme, embedded healing messages, and of course, the beauty of the Muses and the Music - all this creates an amazing ambiance full of Light, Love, Beauty, and Healing.

To see a full Collection "Muses and Music" please visit  GALLERY.

What's next?

February 2017.  Well... Because of their always positive intentions in the creative process, and their belief that everything happens for a reason, especially when  "stars are in  alignment", Garsot and Helen just started to work on their next BIG Collection...  - it will be 12 beautiful Signs of "Zodiac"!!  Stay tuned :)


March 2019. Celebration!!!

We just completed our 2-years Journey creating a brand new unique and amazing Collection of 12 Zodiac Signs!  Title "Eyes of the Zodiac". Each artwork is 48"x48" representing each Sign of the Zodiac with their precise characteristics, elements,  planets, traits, etc.... Of course, this new Collection was created by Garsot & Helen Kagan collaboratively & synergistically in our unique ArtSynergism style.

Please contact us if you are interested to see and purchase a Hand-embellished Limited Edition Giclee of your individual Sign(s) or all 12 Giclees of the entire Collection "Eyes of the Zodiac". You can call or email or use a "Contact" Form.


February 2020. 

Unfortunately, due to Covid Pandemics we had to postpone our latest Collaboration - a unique Series "SERENITY BLUES" which we started to create last year with intention to make a large number of hand-embellished giclees and offer them to Hospitals, Medical Centers, and other mainstream and holistic facilities to bring beautiful colors, peace, joy, healing and to assist in recovery. The theme for "Serenity Blues" is everything about Blue Waters - all possible habitants, different seasons, times of the day, and other factors that make this element - WATER - so attractive, desirable, and healing. 

We have created a few beautiful pieces. You can inquire about them or hand-embellished giclees via email or use a "Contact" Form on this website.

Logo - ArtSynergism by Garsot & Helen Kagan | Unique Fine & Decorative Art. Collection "Muses & Music".
ArtSynergism by Garsot & Helen Kagan | Unique Fine & Decorative Art
Gemini. Collection "Eyes of The Zodiac".
HKagan & Garsot. Dolphins. Acrylic canvas 48x48. Series Serenity Blues.jpg

Our creative process. Wearing T-shirts with ArtSynergism Logo  

  (photographed in front of our "Muses" for the article in Fine Art Magazine)

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