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ArtSynergism by Garsot & Helen Kagan. Unique Fine & Decorative Art
2016 & 2017 Issues

We are in!!  The best-selling FLORIDA DESIGN Magazine, International Edition (!), made

a 2-page Article about "ArtSynergism" Concept along with the newest Collection "Muses and Music".  Stay tuned...

Unique Fine & Decorative Art
ArtSynergism Booth 111


The unique new Series "Muses & Music" goes to SPECTRUM MIAMI 2016!!

ARTSYNERGISM - is in a large Booth #111, right at the Main Entrance - come visit & enjoy!!  SPECTRUM Miami ArtBasel , Nov. 30th - Dec. 4th 

Gemini. Collection _Eyes of The Zodiac_.


Update: March 2019. 

Just completed our 2-years Journey creating a brand new unique Collection  "Eyes of the Zodiac" with all 12 Signs! Please contact us if you are interested ....

Unique Fine & Decorative Art
What's so special about  ArtSynergism  art?


- the unique collaboration of 2 pronounced artists, Helen Kagan and Garsot.  Their method of simultaneously painting on the same canvas in different styles and techniques, is one of a kind, and have never been explored in such a unique way of simultaneous painting before.

Please visit OUR GALLERY and enjoy beautiful Muses in our brand new Collection "Muses and Music".  This Series was created with the Greek Mythology in mind, however... as rather unortodox and multi-dimensional artists we used our own interpretations, symbolism, and expressions to bring you these beautiful creations :)

Please contact us to see or purchase our brand new Collection "Eyes of the Zodiac" of 12 Zodiac Signs.

    Helen Kagan  &  Garsot    -  we  create  art  together !

 A unique creation "MUSES FOREVER" - a 2-sided large Mural (8 x 10 ft)

was unveiled @ SPECTRUM ArtBasel Miami 2016. BOOTH # 111.

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